"Structural Steel Fabrication & Architectural Steel Structure Manufacturing"
"Celik Konstruksiyon Imalati & Mimari Tasarim Dekoratif Demir Metal Isleme"
"Services worldwide, construction industry, infra steel structure project industrial, commercial, residential"



Celik yapi Construction Structural Steel Fabrication provides structural steel fabrication, as well as wrought iron ornamental decorative work of the finest quality. We provide professional service; our team members benefit from a rich and varied background of experience in the construction industry.

We work closely with our clients every step of the way, from first considering ideas and plans and initial design and consultation to fabrication to your precise specification and on-site problem solving and guidance. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service possible, as well as a product that we can be proud of.

Our professional licensed architects and engineers will help you bring your plans from dreams to reality; their official seal on your plans means that everything is 100% legitimate. At our client,s request, we can also provide a copy of the seal or stamp for our licensed architects and engineers.


  •  Project Feasibility, Studies, Surveys
  • Project Planning, Engineering, Architecture
  • Drafting, Designing, CAD Format, 3D Modeling
  • Structural Steel Q/C Quality Control Inspection
  • Consultation, Expertise
  • Estimating, Sales

Benefits of using our Professional Services

  • The Project Site, Engineering, Survey, Analysis
  • Engineering project management can generate any complex structural steel design and fabrication.
  • We will follow your specifications and drawings, and can draft precise CAD drawings noting all structural details of your project idea.
  • All of our structural steel product is thoroughly inspected. Our quality control engineer is tasked with maintaining the highest standards in every product that leaves our facility. Material mill reports, as well as inspection reports pertaining to our site are also available.
  • We provide our clients, as well as any officiating agency dealing with standards requesting such, periodic inspection reports. Each and every project undertaken by Celik yapilasma Structural Steel is continuously checked from beginning to end for quality control and results are noted as the law requires. These inspection reports are retained in our administrative files, providing future inquiries full documentation of all our work.
  • We represent the best in the industry: expert consultants, professional project management, quality workmanship, on-time delivery.
  • We assist clients in generating realistic estimates for all types of structural steel projects, including all aspects of manufacturing and fabrication. Please contact our chief estimator with your contract, drawings, specifications, and any other custom requests, and we will promptly return you a figure regarding project cost, including detailed analysis.

Benefits of Using Structural Steel

Structural Steel is light and very strong, and from an engineering viewpoint, it is a practical, safe solution for the construction industry.  When it comes to seismic considerations and earthquakes, structural steel is definitely a good option.  Structural steel also offers unsurpassed wind resistance, as well as excellent fire protection.

Relatively lightweight, going from fabrication to installation is a quick and easy process.  Structural steel provides a long life to a structure, while providing more of a savings to the project owner than some other, costlier options.

Nearly 70% of fabrication is competed onsite, at our plant.  Assembly at the job site comprises just 30% of resources.  It’s easy for us to make any shape or detailed architecture; were not limited to straight lines.  We can generate curves, round shapes, circles, and joint connections, allowing endless possibilities for new applications.   And when it comes to steel surface choices, just a few examples include curtain walls, glass, stainless steel decorative panels, stucco, and decorative natural stone.

The building project owner will also find that using interior drywall metal stud frames on the interior of walls, as well as metal decking floor support, both improve installation time, while lowering costs and overhead and expenses for costlier, more time consuming solutions.

Structural Steel Benefits

  • Highest Quality at Low Cost
  • Seismic, Earthquake, Disaster
  • Better in Natural Disaster Geographic Areas
  • Fast Finish and On Time Installation
  • Fire Protection for Minimum Damage
  • Easy To Install
  • Fabricate Any Shape, Detail, Architecture
  • Flood Water Disaster Causes Minimum Damage
  • Very Light,and Strong , Diagnostically, High Flexibility
  • Steel Frame To Fabricate Any Applications Architecture
  • Extended and Connected To Any Nearby Building Easily
  • Easy Demolition Which Produces Usable Steel Scrape
  • Surface Any Application Possible
  • Very Light, and Has A Long Standing Life
  • Interior, Exterior, Dry wall, Metal Stud, Steel Stud
  • Floor to Floor Metal Decking

Celik Yapi & Ozellikleri ve Faydalari

  • Imalat maliyeti tasarruflu ve cok  dusuk
  • Betonla kiyaslandigi zaman % 50 daha ucuz maliyet karli guvenceli
  • Depreme karsi dayanikli ve esnek kabiliyetli
  • Dogal afetlere karsi guclu ve etkilenmez
  • Imalati cok kolay ve hizli binanin %70 i fabrikada bitiriliyor
  • Kurulmasi cok kolay hizli de monte dunyanin her bolgesinde kurabilirsiniz
  • Yangindan etkilenmez en az zarar gorur tekrar kullanilabilir ozelligi vardir
  • Imalati cok kolay mimari ve muhendislik her turlu  tasarimi vermek mumkundur designina gore  dekoratif olarak yapilabilir
  • Cok hafif agirliktadir  esneklik payi vardir flexsibility ve diagnosticly dogal sartlara gore
  • Celiki her turlu design yapmak mumkun  ve geografik bolgelerde kurmak uygundur
  • Celik binayi yaninda ekte bulunan yapiyla birlestirmekve buyultmek  kolay ve mumkundur
  • Celik bina ve yapi agirligi cok hafiftir uzun sure asirlar boyu kullanilabilir durumdadir
  • Celik binanin yikimi ve sokumu cok kolaydir celigi tekrar ocakta eritmek mumkundur
  • Celik hurdayi satmak mumkundur
  • Celik bina ve yapi kurulduktan sonra yuzeyi istenilen modelde yapmak mumkundur ornegin cam kaplama, dekoratif sac kaplama, tugla ve decoratif tas kaplamak mumkundur kolaydir
  • Celik yapi ve binanin yuzeyini yillar sonra yenilemek ve degistirmek kolaydir
  • Yapi ve binanin yuzeyi ic duvar ve dis duvar aralari ve bolmelerini  celik cekme ,wall stad, ve ,metal stad, ile yapmak yangindan  koruma  ve iscilik olarak cok hizli maliyet dusuk ve kalitelidir
  • Celik yapi ve bina kat aralari doseme cekme sactan kapatmak, floor decking ,Steel deck, cok hizli ve ekonomiktir  ayrica kat aralarindan  hic bir surette yangin ve ses gecirmez.
  • Celik yapi ve bina insaat  sectorunde vazgecilmez unsurdur

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