"Structural Steel Fabrication & Architectural Steel Structure Manufacturing"
"Celik Konstruksiyon Imalati & Mimari Tasarim Dekoratif Demir Metal Isleme"
"Services worldwide, construction industry, infra steel structure project industrial, commercial, residential"

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Thank you for visiting our STEELCON Construction Structural Steel online catalog. Please feel free to send us blueprints, drawings, or photos of any design that you are considering. Our expert sales representatives will assist you and ascertain how Structural Steel can best serve your needs.

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Tel: 718 415 2325
Tel: 212 391 0080 8140


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We are creative international structural steel and architectural metal fabrication company.  We are pleased to offer affiliates worldwide the opportunity of working with us. As we develop new ideas and strategies, employing the latest in steel fabrication technology, we adapt to meet the challenges of the future. Join us on this great journey as we meet challenging projects that lie ahead with a competence and enthusiasm that is inspiring. We are seeking affiliates in the following areas:

  • Distributor
  • Representative
  • Agent
  • Sales, Branch

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