"Structural Steel Fabrication & Architectural Steel Structure Manufacturing"
"Celik Konstruksiyon Imalati & Mimari Tasarim Dekoratif Demir Metal Isleme"
"Services worldwide, construction industry, infra steel structure project industrial, commercial, residential"

Customer Service

No matter where you're located, you can rest assured that Celik yapi Construction Structural Steel will deliver the fastest, most professional level of service available in the industry. Our staff of engineers, operators, and administrative personnel is highly trained, and can help you bring your dream project to fruition.

Our Expert Team Specialists can oversee any project, with any set of specifications, handling everything from customized design to practical on-site problem solving. Whatever your structural steel needs, Celik yapi Construction Structural Steel is here to meet them.

We invite you to visit our facility or branch office where our professionals and courteous staff will greet you warmly, ready to assist you. Come visit our facility and see our operations firsthand; we'll gladly take you on a personal tour of our complex. We're confident that you'll enjoy your experience with us, and will find yourself impressed with our structural steel product design, professionalism, and overall attention to detail.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Quality Care Instructions:

Thank you for visiting Celik yapi Construction Structural Steel Fabrication. Let us fulfill your custom orders, as well as offering an exclusive line of structural steel products for all your projects.

Carrying Out Your Project

  • Exclusive Line of CNC Equipment employing the Latest in Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Innovative Equipment: QC Quality Control Professional Team
  • Unique and Custom Work of Structural Steel, as well as Wrought Iron Ornamental Work
  • Integration of Old World craftsmanship with New Technologies
  • Exceptional Attention to Detail, All Products Carefully Inspected before Delivery
  • Worldwide Servicing and Attention to All Our Customers
  • Technical Specifications of our products are carefully reviewed in consideration of all health and safety codes and accepted procedures
  • You may request any of our services, from Structural Steel Fabrication, to Steel Art Work, including wrought iron ornamental fabrication
  • We can easily replicate any design in wrought iron, from arbors to gates.
  • We can also replicate any Structural Steel design that you present to us

We appreciate all of our customers, friends, and team members worldwide. We invite architects, engineers, contractors, designers, and homeowners, as well as your clients and business partners to enjoy this great journey with us as we forge ahead, meeting all challenges with the confidence that comes with experience.

Our Quality Policy

Celik yapi Construction Structural Steels product is of the highest quality, conforming to all relevant quality control specifications established by both the AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction), as well as the ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials).

All of our steel, whether for structural steel projects, or ornamental wrought iron designs, is assured to meet these high standards. Our quality structural steel always conforms to all regulations, whether it's for use in commercial, residential, or municipal applications.

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal as we continually strive to keep abreast of the latest industry developments, integrating the newest technology with our time-tested processes. We sincerely believe that quality service is not merely a coincidence or accident, but rather the result of a company's philosophy, resulting in a systematic application of proven actions aimed at maintaining the highest of ideals.

Our structural steel designs, as well as ornamental wrought iron products, are not only highly functional and reliable, but also work of steel art of the highest quality. Whether it's a ornamental wrought iron gate, or an apartment tower, aesthetics and an appreciation for form are our guides.

We at Celik yapi Construction Structural Steel have the utmost respect for our customer's expectations regarding our products. Therefore, we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards of quality in all we do, approaching every project with a deep sense of artistic appreciation. These core values go into the production of every steel product that leaves our complex.

Our company excels because we maintain a serious, yet friendly workplace, where we may trust one another as team members and firmly believe that this is a great avenue to travel, as we embark on a truly enjoyable and rewarding journey, innovating time-tested multi-generational experience with the newest in robotics and computer technology.

We offer global partnership for those companies that want to be part of this new wave, allowing partners worldwide the equal opportunity of profiting with us. Share in our enthusiasm; become part of our extended network of associates; help us maintain our unprecedented worldwide success through our structural steel and wrought iron ornamental works. We will continue expanding our worldwide customer base, as we fulfill new and innovative commercial, residential, and public projects requiring either structural steel or decorative wrought iron work.

Thank you for visiting.

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